Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So the squirrel adventures continue. Saturday night we awoke to a weird chirping noise that we attributed to the radiators (finally broke down and turned on the heat). An hour or so later we were up again roused scampering sounds that we swore were coming from under the bed. On went the lights, but nothing to be seen--went back to bed thinking that now we have squirrels living in the walls. Sunday morning I take the kids to soccer and my wife discovers a baby squirrel hiding in the front hall closet; we found its brother (sister?) peeking out from behind a backpack about an hour later. Both are in the capable hands of our local (well not really so local--took an hour to get there) wildlife rehab center who will no doubt release them to go live in someone else's attic.

So having no time to work on any new projects this weekend (too busy cleaning up squirrel sh**) I thought I'd post a few pics of what has been done:

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