Sunday, May 03, 2009

Once I finish that soffit I'll replace the wood with this stuff for the bottom of the soffit. I like wood, except for the fact that squirrels can chew through it. Wish I used it for the crown moulding up at the top. It's wood, and it's pretty crappy. It's glued at several sections, instead of solid. Live and learn.

Finally rounding the corner. I have the dormers done and I just have to finish the soffit on the right side of the house. I couldn't resist ripping the aluminum siding off while I was up at it replacing the soffit. I have my work cut out for me replacing the shingles that were ripped of. The shingles curved out near the bottom with a nice crown moulding at one point. I'm going to try and replace that. Should look nice when I finish one of these days. I'm going to sand and stain and fill all nail holes on the shinles that are there now with the same stuff I used on the dormers. The stain is so thick, it feels like latex paint.