Sunday, October 27, 2019

Everyday Old House Blog

Be sure to check out Everyday Old House especially if you own a foursquare.

Jen has lots of great information about American Foursquare homes as well as a list of blogs to follow. Nice of Jen to add my house to the list!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Window Awning

I will have two window awnings and one door awning to replace on this side of the house. I originally thought I'd build a large awning over the door, but it looks like the original was quite small, just like the windows. I did one on the other side of the house, but I think the awning extends out a bit too much. This time around I'll keep it much shorter and use the same Azek moulding I used for the soffit up top. I think that will be perfect.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Windows Painted

Here are some pictures of the windows painted. I purchased new screen windows as well. The clapboard will be coming off soon.

Sill Repair

All of the sills on my house were hacked off at the ends when the aluminum siding was installed. The first sill I replaced I used wood from Home Depot which was a bad idea since the wood didn't have time to cure. That part of the sill shrunk within 6 months. Luckily it was just that one window. It's best to go to a lumber yard and get the correct size wood that has already cured.

 The process here is to cut the ends flush with an oscillating tool or hand saw if you can manage. I'll then cut the wood to size and coat the wood with Gorilla Glue and the house/window with water. I use a spray bottle for this. Once in contact I send a nail or two up through the bottom. This process is sometimes easier if you use a screw that is already counter sunk. You can take the screw out after the glue has cured.

 After the glue has cured I use bondo to fill any gaps and nail holes and sand with 80 grit. Once that's done I paint the entire window in oil base paint. I then use bondo again to fill any holes. Easier to see when it's painted white. Sand again, and then cover in latex paint. Oil base paint (I like Zinsser) sands easily and will leave you a nice smooth surface before painting with latex.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Power Venting

Just about all of the new homes I photograph power vent the furnace and hot water heater out the side of the house. Anyone that has a foursquare with a chimney going straight through their house could benefit greatly by using one of these including myself. I'm trying to find out the downsides of using such a contraption. I asked this question to the Fine Homebuilding podcast and I'm crossing my fingers that it will be used. I'd be curious to see what they have to say. Does your house use this?

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Exterior Baseboard Trim

Here is a picture of the exterior baseboard trim that I will recreate for the rear of the house. It's critical that the water shed away from the house. Some exterior renovations get this part wrong and end up just caulking the bottom between the clapboard and base trim. That's just silly. Not the easiest cut to do on a table-saw though.

Siding the old porch

 Fun times. OK, I'm back at it. I've removed the remaining aluminum siding from the house and recycled it. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got to this section of the house and unfortunately the clapboard didn't line up flush with the clapboard on the right.This used to be the back porch to the house. Complete mess with no insulation underneath! I'll be removing the wood studs and replacing with new to make it flush with the siding on the right. I was thinking of filling the cavity on the bottom with foam, but now sure what insulation I should use between the studs. It will be fairly shallow. If you have any recommendations please let me know. I'll be removing all of the siding on this side of the house and wrapping in Tyvek and then re-installing the siding once it's stripped, though much of it will be thrown away because of cracks.

 The red door on the bottom needs to be replaced too but have to figure out what type of door would be best. It's a small crawlspace.