Sunday, May 03, 2009

Finally rounding the corner. I have the dormers done and I just have to finish the soffit on the right side of the house. I couldn't resist ripping the aluminum siding off while I was up at it replacing the soffit. I have my work cut out for me replacing the shingles that were ripped of. The shingles curved out near the bottom with a nice crown moulding at one point. I'm going to try and replace that. Should look nice when I finish one of these days. I'm going to sand and stain and fill all nail holes on the shinles that are there now with the same stuff I used on the dormers. The stain is so thick, it feels like latex paint.


Nathan said...

Wow, you're making some good progress there. Have you been getting a good response from your neighbors? I bet you're the talk of the block with this project!

I can't wait to see what the front of your house looks like when the siding comes off!

American Foursquare Restoration said...

Thanks Nathan!

Actually my neighbor to the right is doing the same exact thing to their house. They bought a tool called the paint shaver pro and I've been borrowing it from them. The funny thing was that I was planning on doing it to my house even before they started on theirs. I was very excited when I found out what they were planning on doing to their Victorian. I'm going to leave the front for last since my wife and I can't agree on what to do. I want to replace the porch that was once there, while she wants to somehow work with what we have. At least it will give me more time to think about it.