Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Now is the time to think about those old, cold, drafty windows. If you have windows that are in need of a little weatherproofing , you may want to think about V-Bronze.
I'ts also known as spring bronze. The pic to the left describes how it is done. It's not hard to do. A little boring maybe, but not hard. I recommend a nice vodka martini while working. Just don't hit your thumb with the hammer.


Ben Biddle said...

We've got something very similar on several of our old double hung windows. Not sure if it's the same brand. Seems to work well. I did have to pry out some of the flattened V parts around the kitchen door. Must have happened when we moved the fridge through!

American Foursquare Restoration said...

I used to have it on the door of my old house. It was mangled pretty good along the bottom. I can see how a fridge might mess things up a bit- Thanks for posting-