Tuesday, July 04, 2017

I'll be doing my hip slates soon and found this great video that explains how to do it properly.

Thanks goes to Slate Roof Contractors Association of North America.

I really like that star ridge, but I'm uncertain what you do with the ends. Just cap it I guess?


Seth said...

That is very cool. I've always wondered how bare slate ridges were made watertight.

I think the star ridge would look best with an angled cap made to continue up from the end of the roof. I think a flat end would stick out and look out of place.

Have you seen the SlateTec roof system? Basically ordinary slates, but with interwoven rubber strips to provide another drainage barrier and allow less headlap. I am a little skeptical, but if the rubber holds up for 100 years, I suppose it should be fine.

American Foursquare Restoration said...

I"m grateful for the video. I've done a lot of ridges already, and they're a pain in the butt, and time consuming. Not to mention cutting all those slates to size.

Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking regarding the star ridge, if I go that route, I think it could look pretty cool.

The Slate Tec looks a little confusing to me. I saw the video on YouTube, and he said they use traditional headlap, so I don't understand why the rubber is needed. They also nailed directly to plywood. I'd stick with the traditional slating method.

Seth said...

I think they may use shorter slates, which gives them the same visible exposure, but less overlap under subsequent courses.