Thursday, June 22, 2017

 Trying to decide if I should get a copper roof vent or a powered or a powered attic ventilator. 

I'm leaning towards just having the copper roof vent and leaving it at that, since there is a debate as to the effectiveness of a powered attic ventilator.

I thought it would be great to install a whole house fan in my attic (once it's finished) and having it vent through the copper vent, but I'm guessing it wont be enough to vent through even with my circular vents at the eves.


Seth said...

I would probably just install a reasonable number of the copper passive roof vents and call it good. If you're in a climate where a whole-house fan makes sense, you can install one with a lower CFM rating to match the capacity of your installed attic vents.

Proper ceiling sealing and insulation will likely pay off far better than a powered attic ventilator. Remember that insulation reduces both cooling AND heating needs, where an attic ventilator can only save on cooling (if it even does that).

American Foursquare Restoration said...'re making a lot of sense and that's kind of the way I'm leaning. I think it will look a lot better too.

The sound of those roof ventilators when you're outside kind of drives me nuts, so there's that as well.

Appreciate your input Seth, have a good one!

Seth said...

I always enjoy seeing your work. The slate and copper look beautiful.

I'm terrible at updating my blog, but we're wrapping up restoration of our wood-frame foursquare, and are actually moving into an Italian Renaissance Revival home now. It's brick with a glazed clay tile roof, so after 6 years of restoring wood siding and trim (and working with ordinary asphalt shingles), I've got a whole new set of trades to learn.

American Foursquare Restoration said...

Thanks Seth!

Wow-congrats on the new house! Be sure to start a blog about the new home. I bet it's beautiful.

I'd love to see what it looks like.