Friday, December 16, 2016

Just some pics of the front of the drip edge that was completed last week.

Boy, my chimney sure looks a whole lot better from the ground. Looks like I'll be hiring a brick mason when I get to the back (and final) side of the house.


Seth said...

Looks pretty sharp!

Yeah, your chimney looks like it could use some work. Ours is a bit weary too, but I did some basic patching a couple years ago to tide it over until I remove it (it's not an architectural feature of the house, and currently only serves the water heater). Removing it will give me some very valuable space for a new first-floor half bath.

American Foursquare Restoration said...

That's a great idea. Ours runs straight through the center of the house (through the kitchen and upstairs bath).

Would love to remove, but we use it for our steam heat and hot water heater.

Seth said...

Ah, yeah, I suppose you don't have many other options to vent the boiler. We have forced air heat (I really wish it was radiators instead, though), and recently installed a 95% furnace, which no longer needs the chimney. I'm going to install a power-vent water heater, which will eliminate the last chimney user. The original kitchen stove would have used it too (I found a plugged-up hole in the chimney in the kitchen).