Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rebuilt my soffit on the left side and installing crown molding.

Since I'm working by myself, I created these crown holder thingies to keep it in place.

The crown molding can be quite long, and can be hard to handle when working alone.

Going to be installing my copper today. I'd like to get it on before winter comes.


Seth said...

Looking good! I like the clever one-person holder tools. I find myself in this situation often too, although I more often than not take the dumb brute strength approach rather than the clever route. I believe there's a book by a carpenter that focuses on one-man tricks (I don't recall the name or author at the moment).

It doesn't appear you will have gutters, built-in or external? Is this the edge of the main roof here? Any issues with water management?

American Foursquare Restoration said...

Hi Seth.

Yes, I think I saw that book a while back- The gutter is V shaped and will protrude a bit further with the copper drip edge which I installed yesterday. Last night I got all the copper sheets ready and my back is killing me....Tonight I will tin and Wed. night hopefully install if the weather keeps up. It's warmer right now which is great!

Seth said...

Very cool, I'm excited to see it. Are you building the gutters yourself from sheet stock?

American Foursquare Restoration said...


3'X8' sheets of copper. I cut 6" off down the length to create the drip edge just like what is being used in the video in the link below.