Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm working my way around the front. This part of the house originally had an enclosed porch, so I'm removing all of the clapboard and trim and re-installing it. The clapboards don't line up with the side of the house and some of the trim needs to be replaced (bevelled) so that the rain water will drain properly.
I will also build a slate roof over that bay window that will work into the roof of the main entrance, but I'll be doing the main roof up top 1st.

Found one board with writing on it from the original builders-wish he was here now to help me out!


Nina said...

Wow! What a difference! I hate aluminum siding. So glad to have removed mine, even with all the trouble the city has given me. I couldn't stand looking at it and had the strongest urge to tear it off until one day I finally did.

I find writing too from the original builders once I strip the paint off the wood. It's so cool to think someone wrote that 100 yrs ago.

American Foursquare Restoration said...

Thanks Nina! Agree love taking that ugly metal of the house. Hope things are going better for you with your house. Still can't believe you're going through that. Looks like you're making a whole lot more progress than I am!